To shipowners

   We provide shipowners with the opportunity to recruit a highly qualified team of seafarers who have passed the following scope of tests with distinction:

  • initial interview with oral test on knowledge of English;
  • confirmation of the authenticity of the seafarer's previous experience;
  • verification of the authenticity of all necessary documents in accordance with STCW-95 and IMO requirements;
  • CES 5.2 Seagull test;
  • Marlins test. Only seafarers with a high level of knowledge of the English are allowed to work in an international crew;
  • interviews with mentors;
  • medical board, including a blood alcohol and drug test. All medical research is carried out in medical centers licensed in accordance with Ukrainian legislation and international health rules;

   We also provide a number of services on individual request, such as preliminary familiarization with the Company's policy, the principles of the "Safety Management System", issuing a visa for a sailor, issuing state flag documents at the expense of the ship owner, booking tickets and transporting the crew.